cubism in the kitchen

kitchen + dining room
transform the space through cubism

"if i paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse... but surely you will see the wildness!"
pablo picasso

Often the kitchen design is mainly aimed to its ergonomics without taking into account her originality. Our goal was to create a functional and intriguing kitchen which is for creative people who are attracted to art and experimentations. . It is for people who want to have active life. The colors and the forms have positive impact on individuals
We called our design concept project “Cubism in the Kitchen”, affected by the cubism style - the art movement of Pablo Picasso. The cubism is a product of the imagination.

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natural and energizing

The kitchen is like in a nest between the green branches of a fresh deciduous tree. The white color gives pureness, it is the fresh air in the room. We use spicy red color for absolutely strong contrast with the grass green.
The space should be natural and energizing, it is an area where the residents have to feel themselves creative and alive. The art can make us to admire our life.
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Kitchens are often built around function alone with not nearly as much thought going into the aesthetics, leaving little for originality. Enter the Bulgarian design twins of Brani & Desi Studio. This duo thinks so far outside the box that the box isn’t even in sight.
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Their innovative design for “Cubism in the Kitchen” is bright and abstract and while not exactly for everyone, you can appreciate its uniqueness..
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